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Our vision is healthy people in healthy communities.

It is the mission of Essex County Health Department to prevent disease, promote health, and protect life by contributing to conditions within our communities such that people can be healthy. This mission is achieved by:

  • assessing and responding to public health needs;
  • educating and empowering people about health issues;
  • mobilizing community partnerships;
  • assuring effective programming and practices;
  • and linking people to health services.

Our core values are:

Collaboration – We interact respectfully with internal and external partners. We leverage the abilities of all team members to meet common goals.

Integrity – We act with trust and accountability. We treat people with dignity, demonstrating humility, reliability and respect.

Excellence – We continually pursue learning and development opportunities. We strive for continuous improvement through the honest evaluation of our programs and services and the application of innovative strategies to achieve goals.

Professionalism – We maintain flexibility to adapt to the changing public health climate, taking responsibility for efficiency in processes/practices and arising needs.

Contact: Linda Beers, Public Health Director 518-873-3500 or

Our Public Health Program is a Local Health Department of New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).  It conducts the 6 Core Functions of local health departments as mandated by NYSDOH:

  • Community Health Assessment
  • Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Family Health
  • Environmental Health

Contact: Jessica Darney Buehler, Director of Planning & Promotion at 518-873-3500 or

Most of Environmental Health is executed by a NYSDOH District Office.  This office is located in Saranac Lake & serves Essex, Franklin & Hamilton counties.

Home Health provides in-home skilled professional services including nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech/language therapy.  Home health aide services are also made available through this Unit.

Contact: Jennifer Newberry, Director of Patient Services at 518-873-3710 or

Children’s Services conducts three (3) programs as mandated and regulated by NYSDOH and the New York State Education Department (NYSED).  Programs are designed to ensure children with developmental and health delays or disabilities – including physical, cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and/or adaptive – receive early intervention therapeutic and support services.

Contact: Lucianna Celotti, Children’s Services Coordinator at 518-873-3522 or

WIC offers nutrition education, breastfeeding support, referrals and a variety of nutritious foods to low-income pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum women, infants and children up to age five to promote and support good health.

Contact: Krista Berger, WIC Coordinator at 518-873-3560 or

Overarching strategies to improve population health include:

✅ Using data to assess needs and evidenced-based programming to target interventions;

✅ Leading or participating in collaborative community-level interventions;

✅ Supporting policy, system and environmental level activities;

✅ Engaging in education, outreach & public health marketing & communication activities;

✅ Conducting ongoing surveillance, reporting & investigation activities; and

✅ Connecting with medical providers, laboratories and other partners in health to assure early detection and treatment of health issues.

Laws and Regulations that govern Public Health Unit activities:

Permits, Licenses & Certificates (NYSDOH)

New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations  Click Title 10

New York State Public Health Laws  Click Laws, click Laws of New York,  & under Consolidated Laws scroll down to and select PBH


New York is one of 26 states where the provision of public health services is decentralized; meaning the state retains some responsibilities and delegates some to local governments.  The Health Department in each county must provide core Public Health services, though each may have additional and differing programs or services.

Essex County Health Department is one of fifty-seven (57) local public health departments (plus the New York City Department of Health and Mental Health) in NYS that operates under the administrative authority of local government. This Department has been in operation since the inception of Essex County in 1877.

NYS Association of Counties (NYSAC) Counties Promoting Public Health: A Special Report

This report provides a description of what Public Health services across NYS are required to do & how they are funded.

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