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Monday- Friday Hours are 8 AM – 5 PM


Main Office Phone: 518-873-3500  |  Fax: 518-873-3539

Public Health Unit Phone: 518-873-3514  |  Fax: 518-873-3507

Home Health Unit Phone: 518-873-3506  |  Fax: 518-873-3811

Children’s Service Unit Phone: 518-873-3522  |  Fax: 518-873-3863

WIC Unit Phone: 518-873-3560  |  Fax: 518-873-3549

Emergency Contact After Hours:

518-873-3500, after hours you will be connected with an on-call service.

Use this number to report a public health emergency, risk, problem, or environmental or occupational public health hazard after regular business hours, weekends or holidays.  You may contact the Essex County Health Department 24/7 by calling 518-873-3500, after regular business hours, you will be redirected to our friendly on call staff. 


are typically [FirstName].[LastName]   |  Example: