New Mom & Babe Care

All new mothers and babies residing in Essex County are eligible for a home visit at no charge.

  • Nurse’s assessment of mother & baby
  • Height & weight check for baby
  • Education on health, nutrition, dental, parenting, growth & development
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Infant & child care
  • Mother care
  • Car seats, lead testing & immunization guidance
  • Referrals for insurance, healthcare providers, nutrition consulting, dental care, the WIC program, Early Head Start and other community resources

If a home visit isn’t for you, we can also discuss any concerns you may have over the phone! We encourage new moms and their families to use this free service.

Contact us at 518-873-3500.

Additional Resources:

If you’re pregnant or recently had a baby, feeling sad or depressed is common. Up to 1 in 7 women feel this way. There is help available. Call 1800-522-5006 (TTY 1800-655-1789) or visit Moms’ Mental Health Matters , the NYSDOH Maternal Mental Health site and/or the Postpartum Resource Center of New York site.

NYS Parent Guide for building a nurturing, healthy relationship with your child.

Driver’s Manual For New Dads  taking care of your partner & your new baby!