Pregnancy Support Services

Did you know – there are no OB/GYN healthcare providers in Essex county?!  We know this can makes accessing care daunting to busy families.  Our pregnancy support services are designed to provide education and referral services to expecting families through experienced public health nurse visits – either at home or over the phone.


Pregnancy Support Services

One (1) home nursing visit during pregnancy is available to all families residing in Essex County, regardless of insurance, to provide pregnancy support, childbirth and breastfeeding education.  We encourage family members and significant others to participate and ask questions.

Face-to-face education, handouts & DVDs cover:

  • Childbirth
  • Fetal growth and development
  • Maternal (mother) changes during pregnancy
  • Signs and symptoms of approaching labor
  • True vs. false labor
  • Stages of labor
  • Laboring positions
  • Breastfeeding information

Pregnant & Need Insurance?

The Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Services (MOMS) Program is a program that provides health supportive services to pregnant women living in Essex County who are eligible, based on income, to receive Medicaid benefits.  You may qualify even if you are working or have other health insurance. The MOMS Program includes:

  • Insurance enrollment for mothers during pregnancy and 60 days after baby’s birth;
  • Insurance enrollment for baby’s first year;
  • Referral to the WIC Program and other services as needed;
  • Prenatal (pregnancy) education;
  • Postpartum (after baby’s birth) follow up visit for maternal and newborn assessments and guidance regarding newborn care and breastfeeding.

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