Public Health Unit

Permits, Licenses & Certificates (NYSDOH)

The Public Health Unit conducts all NYSDOH required public health work.  It is organized in 6 core program areas:

Overarching strategies to improve population health include:

✅ using data to assess needs and evidenced-based programming to target interventions;

✅ leading or participating in collaborative community-level interventions;

✅ supporting policy, system and environmental level activities;

✅engaging in education, outreach & public health marketing & communication activities;

✅ conducting ongoing surveillance, reporting & investigation activities; and

✅ connecting with medical providers, laboratories and other partners in health to assure early detection and treatment of health issues.

Laws and Regulations that govern Public Health Unit activities:

New York State Codes, Rules and Regulations  Click Title 10

New York State Public Health Laws  Click Laws, click Laws of New York,  & under Consolidated Laws scroll down to and select PBH