Emergency Medical Services

Michael Watts

EMS Coordinator / Paramedic


Randi Swires

Senior Account Clerk

518-873-3914       Randi.Swires@essexcountyny.gov

About the EMS Department

Our EMS department assists in the coordination and training of pre-hospital emergency care for Essex County. The office handles many day-to-day tasks including but not limited to:

  • Providing technical and administrative support to local emergency medical services agencies around and in Essex County, NY.
  • Investigating and developing recommendations dealing with problems affecting the EMS system.
  • Administering the training programs and services for EMS agencies around Essex County.
  • Serving as the information resource to governmental and local agencies (including hospitals and ambulance services) regarding EMS.
  • Providing support to REMAC, EMS Council and the EMS Advisory Board.
  • Responding to major incidents including Hazardous Materials.

EMS Coverage Details

Medic Car Coverage

Michael Watts, EMS Coordinator / Paramedic

James Moricette, Paramedic

Matthew Rudow, Paramedic 

Nathan Thomas, Paramedic

Station Coverage

Elizabethtown-Lewis EMS
Melanie Philp, EMT

Lisa Hudson, AEMT-CC

Moriah EMS
Jonathan Ordway, AEMT


Michael Moran, EMT

Newcomb EMS
Eric Fitzgerald, Paramedic

Nathan Thomas, Paramedic

Joseph Connelly, Paramedic

Schroon Lake EMS
Tony Ramirez, EMT

Amy Wheeler, EMT

Ticonderoga EMS
Renee Kennedy, EMT

Samantha Montville, EMT

Aren Caza, EMT 

Zachary Stagg, EMT

Westport EMS
Rebecca Thomsen, AEMT

Michael Thomsen, EMT

Willsboro-Essex EMS
Benjamin Ahern, Paramedic

Joseph Norton, EMT

Per Diem Staff

Steve Miller, EMT

Jody Whitney, AEMT

Melanie Lincoln, AEMT

Kelly Ashe, AEMT

Patty Bashaw, AEMT- CC

Lisa Fish, Paramedic

Matt Levenson, Paramedic

James Thomsen, Paramedic

Joshua Gijanto, EMT

Dakotah Olcott, EMT