Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911

Joshua Favro

Deputy Director / E911 Coordinator / Car 2
(518) 873-3902

Lori Kilburn

Senior Data Collector
(518) 873-3906

Christine Hamms

Data Collector
(518) 873-3905

E911 Addressing - FAQ

A 911 address is the physical address of your structure.

When you dial 911 from a phone in an emergency, this location information needs to be available to a 911 dispatcher.

Many types of structures require a 911 address, including some types of barns, businesses and all houses and/or mobile homes; as well as water and cell phone towers.

The Request for E-911 Address (PDF) form needs to be filled out and submitted to Emergency Services or by calling 518-873-3906 or 518-873-3905.

When a dispatcher receives a 911 call, they need to be able to locate the caller.

The dispatcher guides emergency responders to the location, which is why your number needs to easily visible from the road.

Seconds count when emergency responders are trying to locate an address.

Please follow the Guide to Posting Numbers (PDF)  make sure your 911 address is properly displayed.

The following are several common entities you may want to notify:

  • Power Company and Utility Providers
  • Local Post Office
  • Place of Employment
  • Insurance Company
  • DMV
  • Cell Phone Company
  • Cable Company
  • Newspapers
  • Banks, Magazine,
  • Voter Registration
  • Property Tax Office
  • Schools attended by your child/children.

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