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Michael Diskin, Essex County Treasurer

Essex County Treasurer Michael Diskin


Treasurer’s Office: (518) 873-3310 Fax: (518) 873-3318

7551 Court Street, P.O. Box 217, Elizabethtown, New York 12932

Hours of Operation:

September – April: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM except legal holidays and day after Thanksgiving.
May – August: Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. except legal holidays.

Lisa Decker, Deputy Treasurer — Taxes

Hilary White, Deputy Treasurer — Finance

Lois Borden, Principal Account Clerk

Brandi Fifield, Senior Account Clerk

Amy Quesnel, Payroll Specialist

Mary Sprague, Payroll Assistant


The County Treasurer is elected for a term of four years and is responsible for the prudent administration of all money belonging to the county or in which the county has an interest. The Treasurer also serves as trustee for court and trust funds and has statutory responsibilities for the collection of taxes. He and his staff work with taxpayers regarding tax problems, handle tax deed matters, post payments and recommend necessary corrections. With regard to taxes, the Treasurer, in compliance with local law, may create installment plans for delinquent taxes.

Assisting the Treasurer are deputies, accountants, bookkeepers, tax clerks and other people dedicated to providing financial services to Essex County.

The Treasurer’s Office is committed to providing the public with the most accurate, efficient and helpful service possible. We encourage you to review the information on our new site and hope you will share your remarks and comments with us. It is our intent and goal to continue to stay current with technology, education and experience so we may always have available to you the public information, records and forms you desire.


Tax Collectors

Town Tax Collectors (2023)

Town of Chesterfield
Bruce Bourgeois Jr., Tax Collector
PO Box 456
Keeseville NY 12944

Town of Crown Point
Linda Woods, Tax Collector
PO Box 444, 17 Monitor Bay Park
Crown Point NY 12928

Town of Elizabethtown
Janet E. Cross, Tax Collector
PO Box 344, 7563 Court St.
Elizabethtown NY 12932

Town of Essex
Alicia Kelly, Tax Collector
PO Box 45, 2313 Main St.
Essex NY 12936

Town of Jay
Lori Ducharme, Tax Collector
PO Box 730
AuSable Forks NY 12912

Town of Keene
Anna M Whitney, Tax Collector
PO Box 245
Keene NY 12942

Town of Lewis
Kathleen Robertson, Tax Collector
PO Box 532
Lewis NY 12950

Town of Minerva
Theresa Fish, Tax Collector
PO Box 909
Minerva NY 12857

Town of Moriah
Rose M. French, Tax Collector
38 Park Place
Port Henry NY 12974

Town of Newcomb
Donna DeLoria, Deputy Tax Collector
PO Box 75
Newcomb NY 12852
518-582-3211. Ext 11

Town of North Elba
Laurie Dudley, Tax Collector
2693 Main Street, Suite 101
Lake Placid NY 12946

Town of North Hudson
Martha King, Tax Collector
PO Box 155
North Hudson NY 12855

Town of St. Armand
Nancy Heath, Tax Collector
PO Box 338
Bloomingdale NY 12913

Town of Schroon
Erica Hedden, Tax Collector
PO Box 578, 15 Leland Ave.
Schroon Lake NY 12870

Town of Ticonderoga
Tonya Thompson, Tax Collector
PO Box 471, 132 Montcalm St.
Ticonderoga NY 12883

Town of Westport
Catherine Simmer, Tax Collector
PO Box 267
Westport NY 12993

Town of Willsboro
Susan Thompson, Tax Collector
5 Farrell Rd
Willsboro NY 12996

Town of Wilmington
Dawn Stevens, Tax Collector
PO Box 180, 7 Community Center Circle
Wilmington NY 12997

School Tax Collectors (2022 – 2023)

AuSable Valley Central School
AVCS Tax Collector
1273 Rt. 9N
Clintonville NY 12924
518-834-2846 (S) | 518-834-5810 (F)

Boquet Valley Central School
Michael Diskin, Essex County Treasurer
P.O. Box 217, 7551 Court Street
Elizabethtown NY 12932
518-873-3310 | 518-873-3318 (F)

Crown Point Central School
Kama Ingleston, Tax Collector
PO Box 35, 2758 Main St.
Crown Point NY 12928
518-597-3285 x295 (S)

Keene Central School
Keene Central School Tax Collector
PO Box 304
Keene NY 12942
518-576-4555 (S)
Contact: Valerie McDonough

Lake Placid Central School
LPCS Tax Collector
50 Cummings Road
Lake Placid NY 12946
518-523-2475 x3003 (S)
Contact: Shelley Light

Minerva Central School
Danae Tucker, Tax Collector
PO Box 53
Olmsteadville NY 12857
518-251-3840 (T)

Moriah Central School
MCS Tax Collector
39 Viking Lane
Port Henry NY 12974
518-546-3301 x3502 (S)

Newcomb Central School
Pamela Bush, Tax Collector
PO Box 418
Newcomb NY 12852
518-582-3341 (S)

North Warren Central School
Tax Collector NWCS
6110 State Route 8
Chestertown NY 12817
518-494-3015 (S)

Putnam Central School
Putnam School Tax Collector
PO Box 95, 14 Putnam Center Road
Putnam Station NY 12861
518-547-8266 (S) | 518-547-8317 (T)

Saranac Lake Central School
SLCS Tax Collector
79 Canaras Avenue
Saranac Lake NY 12983
518-891-5460 (S)

Schroon Lake Central School
Schroon Lake Central School
PO Box 338
Schroon Lake NY 12870
518-532-7164 (S)

Ticonderoga Central School
Anne Michalack, Tax Collector
5 Calkins Place
Ticonderoga NY 12883
518-585-7400 (S) ext.1132

Willsboro Central School
Sheila Vanags, Tax Collector
P.O. Box 180
Willsboro NY 12996
518-834-7041 (H)

(F) = Fax #
(H) = Home Phone #
(S) = School Phone #
(T) = Town Office Phone #

Village Tax Collectors (2020)

Village of Lake Placid
Mindy Goddeau, Treasurer
2693 Main Street
Lake Placid NY 12946
Phone: 518-523-9952 | Fax: 518-523-1362

Village of Saranac Lake
Elizabeth Benson, Treasurer
39 Main Street Suite 9
Saranac Lake NY 12983
Phone: 518-891-4150 | Fax: 518-891-1324


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