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Essex County District Attorney Kristy Sprague

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7559 Court Street, P.O. Box 217, Elizabethtown, New York 12932

District Attorney’s Office: (518) 873-3335 Fax: (518) 873-3788

The Essex County District Attorney’s office is located in the basement of the Essex County Courthouse.

Form for Filing with Secretary of State – Local Law No. 3 of 2016 (tethering law).

Animal Cruelty Tip Line: 1-844-4RE-SQME or 1-844-473-7763

Mission Statement

The ethical, constitutional and statutory mission of the Essex County District Attorney’s Office is to fairly, efficiently and effectively represent the People of the State of New York and the People of Essex County in all criminal proceedings. District Attorney Kristy Sprague and her staff work with the New York State Police, the Essex County Sheriff’s Department, the Ticonderoga Police Department, the Lake Placid Police Department, the Moriah Police Department and the Saranac Lake Police Department as well as various other state and federal agencies to ensure that justice is sought, offenders are held accountable and the rights of victims are safeguarded. It will be the continuing mission of the Essex County District Attorney’s Office to use all reasonable and lawful resources to help detect, indict, arrest and convict those offenders who violate the criminal laws of New York State.

District Attorney Sprague is committed to safety and justice for almost 39,000 residents of the County community; consisting of eighteen towns and four villages. She and her staff handle all criminal proceedings in Essex County Court, Essex County Supreme Court and in the twenty local justice courts. This representation allows DA Sprague to ensure that the criminal laws of New York State are enforced efficiently, fairly and uniformly throughout our large geographic County.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office remains dedicated to strengthening relationships with law enforcement and the residents of the County. The DA and her staff realize that all victims deserve to be treated with compassion and respect and have the confidence their case will be handled fairly and effectively. DA Sprague is committed to fostering teamwork to ensure that our communities remain safe. All of our residents deserve safe neighborhoods where we can live our lives, raise our families and enjoy living in our beautiful North Country.

Legal Staff & Contact Information

Michael Langey, First Assistant
Email Address:

Kenneth P. Borden, Jr. Assistant District Attorney
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Carrie Daly, Assistant District Attorney
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Kathrine Giovacco, Assistant District Attorney
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Kevin Mallery, Assistant District Attorney

Traffic Ticket Information

All individuals charged with a violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Law seeking a reduction or dismissal can resolve their traffic violation by participating in the District Attorney’s Traffic Diversion program, with a few exceptions. The goal of this program is to educate motorists on driver safety and the rules of the road to prevent future infractions. This serves the dual purpose of making our roadways safer and providing a meaningful method of holding individuals accountable for violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. Successful completion of the program will result in the charges against you being dismissed or reduced, resulting in no points on your driver’s license.

The District Attorney’s Office retains the right to reject any applicant who would otherwise be eligible. In order to be eligible to participate in the Traffic Diversion Program, you must meet the following criteria:

    • You are charged with a qualifying offense (see below for excluded offenses);
    • You are NOT charged with multiple moving violations;
    • You have NOT been convicted of any moving violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Law within the last 18 months, or any DWI or vehicular homicide in the last 10 years;
    • You have NOT previously participated in a Traffic Diversion Program in the previous 24 months;
    • You are NOT under the supervision of probation or parole at the time of the offense and are charged with a misdemeanor;
    • Be able to complete a driver’s education course
    • If you fail to follow these directions, your application will not be considered, and you will not receive a response.
    • You MUST provide information for all requested
    • To be eligible for the Traffic Diversion Program or the Traffic Reduction Program, you must upload a copy of ALL requested documents. — If you already sent a copy to the Court, you must contact the Court to request a copy. Do not send original tickets to this Office as we are not responsible for original (s).
    • Submit your application once. Duplicate applications will NOT be accepted and will only delay the process.
    • If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Traffic Diversion Program, your application will be automatically reviewed for the Traffic Reduction Program, provided you meet the necessary qualifications.

You can also contact Advent at

CLEAR COPY OF YOUR TRAFFIC TICKET(S) –  If you have already returned your ticket(s) to the Court, you must contact the court to request a copy.  Please scan the tickets and upload one (1) file.

File Requirements
State Driving Record/History from DMV – Must be Official DMV Record (4safedriver and other third party site records not accepted)

    • New York State Licensed Drivers –
    • Out of State Licensed Drivers – A copy from your state’s DMV
    • Quebec Applicants – a copy of your dossier de Conduite a la Société de l’assurance Automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) –
    • Other Canadian Applicants – a copy of your driving record from the Ministry of Transportation

File Requirements
Supporting Documentation

Only submit supporting documentation if relative to your individual ticket that you received.

    • If you received a NO Inspection ticket, provide proof of your inspection. (Receipt from Inspection Station).
    • If you received a NO Insurance Ticket but had insurance at the time, provide proof of such. (A letter from your Insurance Agent stating you had full coverage on the date of the accident. Insurance cards will not be accepted.)
    • If  you received a NO Registration ticket, provide proof from the DMV of your registration.

It is your responsibility to contact the court to let them know that you are applying for a reduction and request a 30-day adjournment of your court date­ this Office cannot grant adjournments.

If you have any questions about the application, Click on the {?) in the top right corner of the application screen. This will take you to the FAQs and support team, who can assist you.

Traffic Diversion Program

TRAFFIC DIVERSION PROGRAM:  If approved, the benefit to the defendant would be a dismissal upon program completion.  The cost to participate is $295.00

The following offenses are NOT ELIGIBLE for the Traffic Diversion Program:

  • VTL§ 319 (1)
  • VTL§ 511 – any
  • VTL§ 600 (1) OR VTL § 1144
  • VTL§ 1174
  • VTL§ 1180 A – Speed Not Reasonable & Prudent (Accident)
  • VTL§ 1180B – 20 and over
  • VTL§ 1180C
  • VTL§ 1180 D – 20 and over
  • VTL§ 1180F
  • VTL§ 1192 – any
  • VTL§ 1212
  • VTL§ 1225-D (1) & VTL § 1225-C (2)
  • VTL§ 1144 (a), 1144 (b), 1144-a (a), 1144-a (b), 1144-a (c) – All 1144’s are not eligible for the Diversion Program but ARE ELIGIBLE for the TRAFFIC REDUCTION PROGRAM

Traffic Reduction Program

approved, the benefit to the defendant would be a reduction of points.  The cost to participate is $20.00

As far as the Traffic Reduction Program the following are NOT ELIGIBLE:

  • VTL§ 511 – Any
  • VTL§ 1174
  • VTL§ 1192
  • VTL§ 1212